Social Responsibility
agrochemical service of Sino-agri Group
As the basic link for establishing modernized agriculture, agrochemical service plays a crucial role in guiding farmers to fertilize scientifically, standardizing the market for agricultural materials, guaranteeing the high yield of crops, improving the production skills of farmers, etc., so that the farmers will get more benefits to obtain the purposes of c…more
Reserves of Agricultural Materials
Reserves of agricultural materials of Sino-agri Group   The commercial reserve of fertilizers in off seasons, central reserve of fertilizers for disaster relief and the national reserve of pesticide for disaster relief are the key policies and measures for benefiting farmers. The establishment of the three reserve systems plays a positive role in acce…more
New Network Project
To improve rural market system and develop the circulation industry which adapts to requirements of modern agriculture, National Supply and Marketing Cooperative General Agency decided to implement “Modern Circulation Service Network Project of New Rural Areas” (hereinafter referred to as “New Network Project”). “New Network Pro…more
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