Development Objectives

Development prospect: Providing the full solution for "agricultural volume increase, farmers' income increase and rural development", and becoming the pathfinder, practitioners and leader for the new rural construction in China.

Development objectives during the “12th Five-year Plan”:


● Rapid development for the scale of operation, more than RMB98.5 billion for the sales revenue;


● Realizing the optimization of business structure, and forming the business system for the cooperative development of all businesses by taking the production and sales of fertilizers as the core and taking the businesses of pesticides, agricultural films, agricultural machinery and seeds as the important components;


● Further expanding the scale of political businesses, further elevating the positions, and acting as the important grasp of the state and the headquarter for regulating the markets of agricultural materials and implementing the policy for benefiting farmers;


● Establishing the internal management system adapted for the actual situation of the enterprise and the requirements for market economy to realize the scientific and efficient internal operation and management;


● During the “12th Five-year Plan”, realizing the transition of Sino-Agri Group from an enterprise dominated by the circulation of agricultural materials to that with the balanced development for the circulation, production and service of agricultural materials, as well as the transition from an enterprise depending on the business of agricultural materials only to a group corporation dominated by the business of agricultural materials and having the cooperative development of other businesses, so as to build Sino-agri Group into a comprehensive service enterprise of agricultural materials to provide multidirectional solutions to agricultural production for farmers and a comprehensive enterprise group with powerful comprehensive competitiveness and risk resistance capacity as well as the rapid and favorable development of various businesses. 


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