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As the basic link for establishing modernized agriculture, agrochemical service plays a crucial role in guiding farmers to fertilize scientifically, standardizing the market for agricultural materials, guaranteeing the high yield of crops, improving the production skills of farmers, etc., so that the farmers will get more benefits to obtain the purposes of convenience, benefits and richness for farmers.


The agrochemical service developed by Sino-agri Group mainly includes: developing determination of soil formula, telephone counseling, distribution of free agrochemical data, free lecture on agrochemical service, agricultural material information service, etc.


1. Determination of Soil Formula


It will be implemented by the agrochemical service personnel of the distribution center and center model shop of Chinese Chain Distribution Network of Agricultural Materials under the guidance of Sino-agri Group’s experts and consultants for soil fertilizers, including the following works:


● Collection of soil samples Soil samples shall be collected in the representative area and at proper time according to the operation specifications for soil collection, then the collected soil samples shall be arranged in cloth bags, and the sampling place, date, sampler and analysis shall be marked on the labels.


● Laboratory test of soil The collected soil samples shall be analyzed by the basic test with the soil tester in the distribution center and center model shop in the affiliated area. If it fails to meet the requirements, the soil samples shall be delivered to the head office of the Sino-agri Group to arrange the test. The data obtained from the test shall be filled in the laboratory test report, registered into tabulation, put in the file of soil fertility, input in the microcomputer to enter the informatization network for agricultural materials, and set up the soil database.


● Determination of formula Sino-agri Group’s experts and consultants of soil fertilizer shall determine the fertilizer requirement for crops, fertilizer supply for soil, utilization rates of different fertilizers according to the locally planted crop type, anticipated yield index and the results of soil test, and shall finally design the formula for the fertilizer.


● Preparation of fertilizer Depending on the formula for the fertilizer, Sino-agri Group shall organize the relevant manufacturers to produce, and the specified formula


ted fertilizers shall be then delivered to the determined shops through the Chinese Chain Distribution Network of Agricultural Materials for convenience of purchase for local farmers.


● Scientific fertilization The farmers shall fertilize the crops in accordance with the methods, period, variety and quantity of fertilization suggested by Sino-agri Group’s experts and consultants. 



● Follow-up servey Sino-agri Group’s agrochemical service personnel shall conduct field survey in proper time, record the service conditions of the formulated fertilizers in details, and input the microcomputer to enter the informatization network for agricultural materials. 


2. Telephone Service 


Farmers will encounter various problems in the process of production, and Sino-agri Group will provide various solutions for farmers in time by establishing the telephone service network. 


● 800 telephone Sino-agri Group will apply for 800 telephone to provide the farmers various routine agrochemical service, such as anti-counterfeiting, identifying and purchasing of agricultural materials, local sales network inquiry, etc. 


● Local agrochemical hotline 


The signboard of each shop in the Chinese Chain Distribution Network of Agricultural Materials shall disclose the agrochemical service hotline of the shop for convenience of local farmers to get various agrochemical services in time. 


3. Agrochemical Service Manual 


The distributed free agrochemical service manual is an effective way for farmers to learn and grasp various agrochemical information and agricultural production technology. Sino-agri Group will pertinently distribute corresponding publicity materials aiming at the characteristics of different areas and plants in China. 


4. Lecture on Agrochemical Service 


Owing to the farmers’ educational background, production habits, etc., the means of determination of soil formula, telephone service, agrochemical service manual, etc. are probably unable to be fully accepted and grasped by famers, and the face-to-face exchanging and communication with farmers are the most significant methods for agrochemical service.
Sino-agri Group owns the most excellent experts and consultants of soil fertilizers, and they can develop various lectures on agrochemical service and consultation & training for agricultural technology depending on their rich experience in agrochemical service. 


5. Agricultural Material Information System 


The agricultural material information service system is composed of personnel, hardware facilities and software. The implementation of agricultural material information service project shall be guided by the headquarter of Sino-agri Group, and special and part-time information service personnel shall be assigned for each storage center, distribution center, center model shop and franchised outlet. 


For hardware, in order to ensure the timely and accurate transmission of agricultural material information as well as the electronic management of information, necessary computer terminals are gradually provided for the outlets with the function of collecting agricultural material information, and the unobstructed communication with the headquarter of Sino-agri Group shall be guaranteed through the network. 


For software, the database of the agricultural material information system has been gradually established to draw up the mechanism for information summary, distribution and feedback. 


6. Other Agrochemical Service 


Agrochemical service personnel has been assigned for the distribution centers, center model shops and franchised outlets of Chinese Chain Distribution Network of Agricultural Materials, and all of them will accept the training of agrochemical service by Sino-agri Group as scheduled, so that they will provide various agrochemical service in real time for farmers in the process of selling agricultural materials. The agrochemical service personnel in the distribution centers and the center model shops shall perform regular field survey to grasp the growth situations of crops and answer various questions of farmers at any time. 


As required, Sino-agri Group will establish various example bases and greenhouses for tests for convenience of farmers to directly learn the role of agrochemical service, so that they can accept the agrochemical service more actively. 


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