Sino-agri Group Shaanxi Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

 Chinese Agriculture CorporationShaanxi Industrial Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as company) is founded by Chinese Agricultural Production Material Company (hereinafter referred to as corporation) and FuPingWeiBei Highland Agricultural Machinery Co. LTD (hereinafter referred to as farming machinery) with 110 million CNY joint capital. This company, as a large comprehensive business enterprise, runs for the production of agricultural machinery, automobile, motorcycle, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, water drainage and irrigation, parts, agricultural production material, and lubricating oil. The company is also responsible for the selling of rubber and fertilizer as well as the maintenance of engine, electrical system, and vehicle.

All the staff will adhere to the philosophy of “Grounding the earth, serving for agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, consolidate the existing competitive enterprises, explore and develop new business fields and business mode, and form the core of agricultural machinery, agricultural production material, agricultural vehicles, automobiles, and fertilizer selling, and establish the developing pattern which outweighs plates of engineering machinery, maintenance services, real estate and other business plates develop with coordination.

The company will depend on the sales network of WeiBei Highland Agricultural Machinery Co.LTD in Shaanxi province and the fame of “Chinese Agriculture Materials” to provide the “Packing for increasing agriculture output” for farmers, participate in the new rural construction, and aim to make greater contribution to the development of “Three Agriculture Construction” in the new social situation!

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