Development Overview of Seed Business

As the emerging business of Sino-agri Group, seed business is the organic extension of current company businesses and one important business to develop during the “Twelfth Five-Year" period. Based on existing seed distribution business, Sino-agri Group will integrate internal and external resources and rapidly build brand-new and “breeding, reproduction and promotion” integrated seed business development platform by merger & acquisition, and capital operation.


As the basic products of agricultural production, seed concerns national seed safety. While current domestic seed enterprises present "scattered, small and weak" situations and integration of seed industry has become quite urgent. Recently, Ministry of Agriculture has issued "Approval & Issuance Measures of Breeding, Reproduction and Promotion Integrated Seed Enterprises" to improve the threshold of issuing certificates to seed enterprises. In this year, the State Council will issue some opinions on promoting seed industry development, which is predicted to greatly improve the requirement for market access of national, and breeding, reproduction and promotion integrated seed enterprises, strengthen policy and fund support, support enterprises to rapidly expand by merger & acquisition and try to build 5-10 large seed enterprises.


As the large "Chinese-prefix" enterprise which professionally deals with agricultural means of production, Sino-agri Group has great advantages of fund, policy, sales network and brand and will expand in main crop seed filed such as corn, wheat, rape by resource integration; meanwhile, it will strive to become the "national team" of seed industry in five years, and becomes one important link to provide peasants with “packed service for agricultural volume increase”.


The enterprise below the banner:


Sino-agri Seed Industry Holding Co., Ltd.  

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