Chairman’s Statement

Agriculture is an industry that supports human beings to survive. China is a powerful country, and agriculture is the key basis for the sustainable and stable development of the country. Since 2004, the Document No. 1 of the Central Government has focused on "Agriculture, Countryside and Farmers" for eight successive years, and it reflects the high attention of the central party committee to “Agriculture, Countryside and Farmers” and the great determination of the state council on promoting the development of "Agriculture, Countryside and Farmers"; therefore, the new rural construction will have a brilliant future!


Serving “Agriculture, Countryside and Farmers” are the natural attribute of Sino-agri Group. From the Procurement and Supply Station of Fertilizers and Pesticides of the Supply and Marketing Cooperatives established in 1950 to the current China National Agricultural Means Of Production Group Corporation, we have contributed to the development of "Agriculture, Countryside and Farmers" in the 60 years, have witnessed the progress of agriculture, the wealth of farmers and the changes of countryside in China, and have won the government’s trust, farmers' recognition, partners’ support and the enterprise’s development. Nowadays, under the background of building new socialist countryside, Sino-agri Group will work harder to practice the enterprise purpose of “Taking Root in the Earth, Servicing Agriculture, Countryside and Farmers”.


Due to the new situation and new challenge, we must service “Agriculture, Countryside and Farmers" by means of marketization and realize the sustainable development of the enterprise. Sino-agri Group has the outstanding brand advantages, network advantage and policy advantage, thus we must give full play to the advantages to mobilize all kinds of resources so as to achieve the effective integration, explore the substantial change from "Selling Product" to "Providing Solutions", and provide a full range of services for increasing production and incomes for farmers. Targeting to this, we must constantly optimize the governance structure, business structure and personnel structure of Sino-agri Group and continuously explore the business mode, service mode and management mode adapted to the new situation, so that we will become the pathfinder, practitioners and leader for the new rural construction. Only in this way can we keep long-lasting vitality!


There is still a long way for us to achieve the final success! Sino-agri Group is willing to work hard together with all the sectors of the society to jointly create a bright future for the new rural construction!

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