Pesticide Business

Pesticide business is an important business sector of Sino-agri Group, and Sino-agri Leading Biosciences Co.,Ltd. is the main body for the development of the pesticide business. The business takes pesticide trade and service as the main part and drives the trade, service and production of domestic and foreign products by technical service. The major product lines include the series of insecticide, bacteriacide, phytocide, microelement fertilizer, etc., mainly including the following products: phytocide products: NianNianChun, JiJiHong, NaBuJing, Nicosulfuron, etc.; bacteriacide products: Isoprothiolane, RuiMiaoQing, HuTong, ChengMei, etc.; insecticide products: LongGe, ZhongWei, Avermectin, Emamectin benzoate, etc.; microelement fertilizer products: GaoGaiBao, WuGuYing, JinPengBao, etc.; the products also include adjuvant products such as RuSuJie, etc.


After years of accumulation for development, the pesticide business dominated by Sino-agri Leading Biosciences Co.,Ltd. has formed the three major business sectors and business models of self-owned products, technical trade and platform business, involving multiple links of the industrial value chain, such as technical operation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, distribution and retails, platform agent, etc.; the annual sales volume is RMB1.5~2 billion, and the annual mean growth rate of business is about 20%.


Current business structure: the technical trade accounts for more than 15% of the total revenue, the proportion of pharmaceutical manufacturing to the sales business is about 25%, and the platform agent business reaches 60%.


The company always actively responds to the national policies, acts as a leader in the circulating field of pesticides, and plays an important demonstration and leading role in the process of implementing the policy of preventing and treating disease, pests, grass and rats by reasonably using pesticides, thus superiorities have been formed in products, network, brand, technical service, etc.


The company has formed the long-lasting cooperation with multiple domestic and foreign manufactures, and develops favorable cooperation with more than 10 famous European and Japanese pesticide suppliers; the network coverage is increasing year by year, the sales outlets have been set in all the provinces and major agricultural areas, and multiple large-scale warehouses and logistic distribution centers are established in the major agricultural provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, thus the operation covers more than 1,500 counties. In the next 3~5 years, the pesticide business of Sino-agri Group, based on the existing sector businesses, will further consolidate and develop the leading position and brand image in the circulating field of pesticides in China by constant innovation and comprehensive development. 


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Sino-agri  Leading Biosciences Co., Ltd.;


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