Agricultural Film and Industrial Chemicals

Sino-agri Group’s business in agricultural films and plastic raw materials is one of the traders with the largest scale of operation in North China, the sales area distributes in North China, East China, South China and the northeast, and the annual scale of operation exceeds 100,000 tons. After more than 10 years of effort in the market, the business in agricultural films and plastics has constructed an extensive and stable distributing network, and has established the close and firm cooperation with the major foreign suppliers, especially that we have establishes favorable relationships and cooperation with the upstream suppliers which have constructed plants in the Middle East area, such as Exxon-Mobil, Japanese Mitsubishi, Japanese Sumitomo, Qatar Petrochemicals, Total Petrochemicals, etc., thus it has obvious superiorities in purchasing import resources. Meanwhile, we have also established the long-term and close cooperation with domestic Sinopec, PetroChina, Exxon-FL and Shenhua Group, and it effectively supplements the insufficiency in import resources. We will give full play to the superiorities in import resources, expand the scale of operation for domestic resources, combine with the sustained potentials in upstream resources and downstream network, select the proper market opportunity and appropriate manner to acquire and reorganize the downstream manufacturers and traders having terminal marketing channels, and make them become our branches or subsidiaries. We will continue to increase the market shares, so that the business of agricultural films and plastics can become the leader in the circulating field of plastics in three years, and major breakthrough will be realized in the scales of purchase and sales as well as the comprehensive profits.


The business of agricultural films and plastics will optimize the circulating channels based on the circulating industry of plastics, integrate the industrial chains, hold the resources upstream but establish the networks downwards, strengthen the marketing capability, as well as innovate the business models and develop new businesses on the basis of stabilizing the position so as to increase new growth points of profits.


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