Fertilizer Business

Sino-agri Group, as the largest circulating and distributing enterprise of fertilizers as well as the largest importer and exporter of fertilizers, produces and sells various nitrogenous fertilizers, potash fertilizers, phosphatic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, organic fertilizers and new-type fertilizers. Owing to the engagement in the fertilizer business for 60 years, we deeply understand the demands of fertilizer manufacturers and farmers and largely contribute to accelerating the development of “Agriculture, Countryside and Farmers” by constantly integrating the high-quality resources and consummating the service mode.


Sino-agri Group has constructed the distribution centers and chain shop system of agricultural materials nationwide by taking “China Chain Distribution Network of Agricultural Materials” as the core, and realizes the circulation and distribution of fertilizers depending on the network. At present, the fertilizers sold by Sino-agri Group are formed by outsourcing, import and self-owned brand, and the proportion of self-owned fertilizers such as potash fertilizers, urea, etc. becomes higher increasingly. In 2009, Sino-agri Group sold 22 million tons of fertilizers, including 3.4 million tons of imported fertilizers and 1.1 million tons of exported fertilizers, and it took the first place in the market share for fertilizers in China. 


The enterprise below the banner:


Sino-agri  Mineral Resources Co., Ltd.;


Sino-agri  Qinghai Investment & Development Co., Ltd.;


Lianyungang Zhongnong Agricultural Means Co., Ltd.;


Ningxia Zhongnong Fertilizer Co., Ltd.;


China National Agricultural means of Production Co.,( Zhanjiang) Ltd.

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