Brief Introduction



China National Agricultural Means Of Production Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the “Sino-agri Group”) is a nationwide large-scale enterprise group which integrates production, circulation and service as well as specializes in the agricultural means of production, such as chemical fertilizer, pesticides, agricultural film, seeds, agricultural machinery & implements, etc. It is an enterprise at the level of the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives and an exclusively-invested enterprise of China CO-OP Group, having the total assets of RMB30 billion, sales revenue of more than RMB72 billion, and the sales volume of more than 25 million tons for the agricultural materials of chemical fertilizer, etc.


Sino-agri Group owns a network system for operating agricultural materials all over the country and has established 2 wharfs of 10,000-ton level, 11 railway sidings, 37 national reserves for chemical fertilizers, 800 distribution centers for agricultural materials, more than 18,000 chain stores for agricultural materials and 4,000 specialized farmer cooperatives in over 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, taking the projects of “servicing agriculture by the chain distribution of agricultural materials in China” and “agricultural materials going to the countryside” as the core and covering more than 1,200 counties for agricultural production. During the “11th Five-year Plan”, Sino-agri Group held or relatively held the agricultural material corporations in Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Jiangxi, etc. by reinforcing the joint reorganization in the supply and marketing system, and further improved the market service capability. It controls about 500 million tons of sylvine ore reserves at home and abroad by extending upwards and strengthening the capability of resource control; besides, it pertinently acquires partial manufacturing enterprises with leading technology, cost advantage or market advantage in urea, compound fertilizer and pesticide, thus the capability of servicing agriculture is elevating constantly. Sino-agri Group having the power of import and operation as an agent for fertilizer has established oversea window companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, etc., serves as the exclusive agency of multiple international suppliers of agricultural materials in China, and acts as a member of the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) and The Fertilizer Institute (TFI); it has the annual import and export volume of 5 million tons for various agricultural materials such as chemical fertilizer, etc.


Sino-agri Group is the important means of regulating the fertilizer market and implementing the policy of benefiting farmers for the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives and the state, and also the major enterprise undertaking the national tasks of reserves of chemical fertilizers and pesticides for disaster relief and the reserve of chemical fertilizers for off seasons; it undertakes all the reserves of chemical fertilizers and pesticides for disaster relief and completes about 20% of the national reserves of chemical fertilizers for off seasons on average every year, thus it plays a crucial role in stabilizing the market supply, controlling the market price, reinforcing the disaster relief for agriculture, supporting the development of agriculture, countryside and farmers, etc.


During the “12th Five-year Plan”, Sino-agri Group will continue to take the operation ideas of “honesty, team work, updating and servicing the agriculture, countryside and farmers” and constantly consolidate the existing superior businesses as well as explore and develop new business fields and business modes in accordance with the strategic policies of “industrial extension, structural adjustment, mode transition and system innovation”, so that the operation layout with the joint development of various sectors will be formed by taking fertilizer production and sales as the core and taking pesticide, agricultural films, agricultural machinery & implements as the major business sectors. Depending on the complete service industrial chain of agricultural materials and the operation network all over the country, Sino-agri Group will provide “packed service for agricultural volume increase”, actively participate in the new rural construction and contribute more for the “Agriculture, Countryside and Farmers” development under the new situations by the brand of “Chinese agricultural materials”!

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