Chen Zhenping Met Wen Guodong

 On Nov.4, Chen Zhenping, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Sino-Agri, met Wen Guodong, the Secretary of Haixi State Party Committee, Qinghai Province and his delegation in Beijing. Both sides exchanged opinions on projects invested by Sino-Agri in Haixi State and development planning of such projects.

Site of Meeting

Chen welcomed Wen Guodong and his delegation, and expressed gratitude to Qinghai Province and Haixi State Government for the support of Sino-Agri and local investment projects for long term. Chen pointed out that Sino-Agri would, based on develop-the-west strategy and implementation of national requirements for “agriculture, rural area and farmer” services of Supply and Marketing Cooperative, strive to build and operate projects invested in Haixi combining their own development planning and industrial layout. Chen wished to gain full support from local government in actual problem solution. Sino-Agri would actively participate in investigation and planning of the “thirteenth five-year” plan projects in Haixi State.

Wen said in this investigation, on the one hand, they wanted to express gratitude to Sino-Agri for investment and contribution in the aspect of potassic fertilizer development in Qinghai Province; on the other hand, they intended to deeply know operating situations of key investing enterprises and help enterprises to solve actual difficulties. While introducing development ideas during the “thirteenth five-year” plan in Haixi State, Wen showed warm welcome for Sino-Agri to participate in the new project of “thirteenth five-year” plan Yanhu Lake potassic fertilizer development project of Haixi State. They would offer full support to help Sino-Agri’s project construction in Haixi State and make due contribution to the cause of “agriculture, rural area and farmers”.

Luo Deqiang, General Manager, Zhu Lian, Deputy General Manager of Sino-Agri Holding, as well as persons in charge of Haixi State Qaidam Circular Economy Pilot Zone and Economic Development Commission attended the meeting.

Release date:Friday November 06 2015
Author:Enterprise Development Department
Source:Sino-Agri Group
Responsible editor:Echo
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