www.nhw360.com Shandong Yuncheng Basic Delivery Terminal & Agricultural Materials Experience Shops Start Business

Recently, the www.nhw360.com offline delivery terminal & agricultural materials experience shops were successively opened in Dangai Village, Dinglichang Town and Baigai Village, Huangnigang Town, Yuncheng County, Shandong Province, which are the first batch of www.nhw360.com offline experience shops in Shandong Province.  


Opening Ceremony of www.nhw360.com Experience Shop in Baigai Village, Huangnigang Town, Yuncheng County, Shandong Province

As introduced by Xu Xiaohua, the Marketing Director of “www.nhw360.com”, the www.nhw360.com is an e-commerce platform for agricultural materials created by Sino-Agri Holding relying on the advantageous resources of China CO-OP, and is the supply and marketing cooperative near farmers’ houses. The village-level delivery terminals of “www.nhw360.com” comply with national policies, integrate social commercial resources, and put consistent efforts in establishing product, logistics, agro-chemistry service and financial service systems so as to provide quality products and convenient services to farmers. All agricultural material products of the village-level delivery terminals adopt the direct-supply mode of unified purchase, unified delivery, unified management and unified price from manufacturers to farmlands.


Sun Qingsong, the General Manager of www.nhw360.com Yuncheng Service Center said that “www.nhw360.com” is a network platform created for farmers and providing overall agricultural services. By direct-purchase and direct-supply e-commerce mode, the agricultural production costs are greatly reduced, and online shopping experience demands of farmers for “high quality”, “low price” and “fast speed” agricultural products can be met. “Our agricultural material products are directly supplied by manufacturers. We can also provide comprehensive agro-chemistry services for farmers. We are the platform truly meeting demands of civilians”, said Sun. The “www.nhw360.com” plans to open 50 village-level delivery terminals in Yuncheng County next year, and realize full coverage of all villages and townships. In the future, farmers of Yuncheng County can enjoy the considerate service of “order and delivery on the same day” in the coverage area.


Since the official launch of “www.nhw360.com”, it has finished network construction in over 150 counties in China. Now it is the golden period for agricultural materials e-business to step in rapid development. The “www.nhw360.com” will become a brave innovation of Sino-Agri Holding for traditional agricultural materials operation mode, and will become an important strategic stronghold for the transformation development of Sino-Agri Holding.


Release date:Friday September 25 2015
Author:Enterprise Development Department
Responsible editor:Echo
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