Sino-Agri Convenes the Working Conference for the First Half of 2015

On July 23, Sino-Agri held a working conference in Beijing to conclude the Corporation’s work in the first half of 2015 while making arrangements for the second half of this year. Sino-Agri’s leading group, the Group Headquarters and cadres at the middle level and above from Sino-Agri Holding, and leaders of its 19 directly-controlled subsidiaries attended the meeting.


A Shot of the Working Conference

Sino-Agri President Wang Quan, on behalf of the Corporation, delivered the work report with the title of Continuously Striving Hard to Complete the Work Plan in 2015. In the report, Mr. Wang comprehensively summarized Sino-Agri’s efforts in implementing the No. 11 Document of the Central Government and arrangements of ACFSMC and China CO-OP Group in the first half of this year. He stated that the Corporation worked hard to carry out the delicacy management in a continued and in-depth manner and effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of the Corporation, with positive results. Furthermore, Wang also made deployment for the work in the second half of this year from four aspects: continuously pushing forward the delicacy management, building a new-type system to serve agriculture, farmers and rural areas, timely addressing changes in relevant policies, and enhancing team cohesiveness.

Pu Ying, CFO of Sino-Agri, delivered the financial report titled Making Overall Planning for Financial Affairs and Actively Responding to Changes, which offers an in-depth analysis of the financial situation of the Corporation and presents constructive suggestions on the basis of the domestic economic situation and Sino-Agri’s reality.

Besides, various departments and major subsidiaries also reported the work they had done in the first half of this year, analyzed the situation facing them and problems they need to deal with, and presented specific ideas on how to complete the work plan for the whole year of 2015.

Yang Jianping, Deputy Director of Council of ACFSMC and President of Sino-Agri, speaks at the working meeting.

Yang Jianping, Deputy Director of Council of ACFSMC and President of Sino-Agri, made the closing remarks, fully affirming the achievements various departments and subsidiaries had got in the first half of this year while requiring leaders at various levels to focus on the overall situation, do more practical things, behave well, do their jobs well, and treat new business correctly.

Yang pointed out that focusing on the overall situation means to carry out the work centering on key tasks of the country and ACFSMC; to have a correct understanding of interest adjustment and ensure that partial interests are subordinated to the overall interests; to cultivate talents in the long run; and to give full play to the spirit of hard working.

According to Yang, doing practical things means to develop the hard-working spirit and do things for farmers in a pragmatic way. The cause of serving agriculture, farmers and rural areas needs us to do practical things; only when paying more attention to the requirements of farmers can we do things really in a down-to-earth manner. Sino-Agri will strive to develop the pragmatic corporate culture.

According to Yang, behaving well means that leaders should give due attention to their behaviors and way of doing things and cannot abuse the power in practical work. Systems and institutions trump everything. Efforts should be made to further improve systems and institutions and put them into practice by means of training, supervision, and assessment.

According to Yang, to do a good job, one must pull the job off first, can’t put the job at risk, and had better make some innovations in it. Overall, doing a good job means to do it better and not the other way round. As our Corporation has turned to delicacy management, more consideration should be given to how to make it bigger and stronger so that it can develop in a sound and sustainable way.

Yang said that opportunities always come to us in the disguise of difficulties. Whether we can seize them or not depends on how to address them. We should correctly and objectively treat the problems arising in new business, for which, leaders at various levels should have a good state of mind and strategic insight.

Finally, Yang stressed that leaders at various levels must bear in mind their responsibilities and missions, have the interests of employees at heart, strengthen responsibility consciousness, and take the lead in implementing various tasks. Leaders should unify the thoughts of employees to make concerted efforts in “dealing with thorny issues”, “seeking for further development”, and effective implementation of tasks. Moreover, efforts should be made to turn ideas into practice, measures into action, and hard work into fruits in a bid to achieve the sustainable, sound and stable development of Sino-Agri.

Release date:Monday July 27 2015
Author:Strategic Investment Department
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