Role Models, a Guiding Force in Our Lives
    ---- Sino-Agri holds a meeting to commend the “role models of Sino-Agri”

A Shot of the Award-giving Meeting

A Shot of the Award-giving Meeting

On July 24, Sino-Agri convened a meeting in Beijing to commend 10 employees for winning the title of “Role Models of Sino-Agri” and two subsidiaries for winning the “Special Award from the Board of Directors”. Those attending the meeting include Wang Xia, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of Council of ACFSMC, Yang Jianping, Member of Party Leading Group and Deputy Director of Council of ACFSMC, Gu Guoxin, Former Member of Party Leading Group and Former Deputy Director of Council of ACFSMC, Yang Fenglu, General Manager of China CO-OP Group, the Leading Group of Sino-Agri, 30 “Sino-Agri role model” nominators (units), and 29 “Sino-Agri role model” winners (units), and all the staff members of the Beijing-based companies.

Video on the touching stories of the 10 Sino-Agri role models was played at the meeting, showing the details of their hard work in fulfilling the target of this Company - Taking Root in the Earth, Serving "Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers". General Manager Yang Fenglu and members of Sino-Agri Leading Group presented awards to them, including Zhang Xuefeng, Xu Kouhong, Fu Helong, Zhang Xiaojun, Zhao Ke, Tang Jianfeng, Li Mingguang, Chen Wei, Yang Qingshan, and Li Haiyan.

At the meeting, the outstanding contributions made by the two winners of “Special Award from the Board of Directors” to the transformation of Sino-Agri were highly appreciated. Wang Xia and Gu Guoxin presented awards to them, namely, Shandong Sino-Agri United Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Department of Border Trade under Sino-Agri Holding.

Yang Jianping speaks at the award-giving meeting

Yang Jianping made the closing remarks. He pointed out that role models are excellent representatives of this Corporation and also the torch bearers running on the way to transformation, showing progress, inspiring the fighting spirit, and guiding the way forward; role models can provide strong spiritual support to the transformation of Sino-Agri; their stories can help to encourage and stimulate the fighting spirit of Sino-Agri; role models are Sino-Agri’s precious treasure and constitute the base for the corporation to build the corporate culture, enhance team cohesion and centripetal force. Yang hopes that under the influences of role models, all the Sino-Agri people can make concerted efforts to contribute more to the transformation and upgrading of this Corporation.

Release date:Friday July 24 2015
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