Profoundly Understand the Spirit, Firmly Promote the Transformation
    ——Sino-agri Group holds an enlarged meeting of the party committee to study No. 11 Central Document and important speeches by leaders of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives

On April 13, Sino-agri Group held an enlarged meeting of the party committee, to study and implement the CPC Central Committee State Council’s Decision on Deepening the Comprehensive Reform of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives. Group Company party committee members, Group (Holdings) leadership team members, members of Commission for Discipline Inspection, various branch secretary, and branch members attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Li Xianbin, Deputy Party Secretary in Sino-agri Group Company.

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Participants studied the CPC Central State Council’s Decision on Deepening the Comprehensive Reform of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives (ZF [2015] No. 11, hereinafter referred to as “the Decision”), the speech by Vice Premier Wang Yang in national television and telephone conference on the implementation of the Decision, and the speech by Party Secretary & Council Director of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives Wang Xia in special work conference to study the Decision. Group Company Chairman and Party Secretary Yang Jianping, combined with the actual, raised explicit requirements on implementation of the central spirit and instructions by leaders of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives.

Yang Jianping pointed out that, the release of the Decision is both the result of efforts made by the party group and Council of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, and the manifestation of the great importance the CPC attaches to Supply and Marketing Cooperatives. The Decision reflects four "new":
First, the new height of theoretical understanding of the status of cooperative economy as well as supply and marketing cooperatives by the CPC Central Committee, all sectors of society, including supply and marketing cooperatives. Vice Premier Wang Yang said in his speech that: Comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives is a strategic decision made from the overall. All localities and departments shall, standing on the strategic height to accelerate agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics, improve the socialist market economy system, and consolidate the party's ruling foundation in rural areas; fully understand the importance of comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives. This represents the new understanding of a new generation of leaders on rural reform, rural markets and the reform of supply and marketing cooperatives. This document is different from the previous No. 5 in 1995, No. 40 in 2009 and a series of documents; and is a milestone in the history of the development of supply and marketing cooperatives.

Second, the new summary of the practical experiences. The Decision is the summary of the practice of the development of supply and marketing cooperative system, including farmer professional cooperatives and other cooperative economy in recent years. From a practical point of view, illustrate the fundamental path of relying on supply and marketing cooperatives, with supply and marketing cooperatives to play the leading role, making the cooperative economy into nationwide real economy.

Third, the new plan of the future development. The Decision has made clear statements on the future development path, objective orientation, operational guidance system and business service system of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives. It fully demonstrates that the development of supply and marketing cooperatives over the years in rural areas can withstand the test. We are confident to take a good and stable road of reform and development on the existing basis.

Fourth, new breakthroughs in the legal status. In the past, the legal status of supply and marketing cooperatives was not clear, and features and advantages of the cooperative-owned enterprises as special corporate entities were not distinct. The Decision states that Regulations on Cooperatives shall be drafted and Law on Cooperatives shall be drafted on the basis of Regulations on Cooperatives. This is a major breakthrough in the legal status, and will help us to grow and develop cooperative economy as a sound and healthy market body.

Yang Jianping stressed that: The Decision solves the problem of what supply and marketing cooperatives are as well as what and how they do in the next 10 years or even 20 years; clearly states that serving agriculture is the soul of supply and marketing cooperatives, and grassroots construction is the fundamental of supply and marketing cooperatives; reflects the reliance and hopes of CPC on supply and marketing cooperatives; meets the expectations and hopes of supply and marketing cooperatives on central policies; and also includes the hopes and aspirations of all sectors of society on supply and marketing cooperatives. We must follow the requirements of the Decision; adhere to the basic principles of for, serving and orientating agriculture; grasp the fundamental direction for serving agriculture; and enhance the overall capacity of serving agriculture.

Yang Jianping pointed out that: The Decision is rich in content and strong in policy; we shall work hard to learn completely sentence by sentence; and each branch and enterprise shall choose different ways and scopes to continue to study and implement. The Decision expresses more on agricultural materials in specific contents, elaborates new requirements of serving agriculture, and is consistent with our current main works. The speech of Secretary Wang Xia also specifically mentioned the transformation and development of agricultural material enterprises, and mentioned that we were currently vigorously promoting the "Chinese Agricultural Material" Modern Agricultural Service Center. We must work jointly to explore, truly implement policies into practice, and sum up experiences in practice, thus to promote replication. Specifically arrange time recently to combine "Work Focus Program" developed early the year and the Decision, and research specific implementation advices. In particular, seriously study the equity structure, profitdistribution, business model, management methods and other issues of "Chinese agricultural material" modern agricultural service center. These problems seem to be very specific when speaking; but to reach the sustainable, replicable and profitable goal in implementation also requires us to continuously explore and innovate in practice.

Release date:Friday April 17 2015
Author:HR Department
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