Sino-agri Holding Company Limited participates in FMB Asia Conference 2015; Chairman Yang Jianping Attends the Meeting and Delivers a Speech

From April 15 to 17, 2015 FMB Fertilizer Asia Conference was held in Beijing Westin Hotel, with more than 400 representatives from the global fertilizer industry attending the meeting. Sino-agri Holding Company Limited jointly shared Asian fertilizer market supply and demand situation and explored the international market industry trends with fertilizer manufacturers and traders from around the world. Sino-agri Group Company Chairman and Party Secretary Yang Jianping attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Fig. Sino-agri Group Chairman and Party Secretary Yang Jianping attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Yang Jianping pointed out in his speech that, FMB Asia Annual Conference,since being held in Asia in 2003, has become a global fertilizer industry event and a communication platform for many production and distribution companies in fertilizer industry to understand international market, solve industry problems, seek development trends, and expand their business scope; with professionalism, extensiveness, and authority obtaining the attention and participation of industry and government organizations. For the development of the Asian fertilizer market, Yang Jianping said that, Asia is one of the world's most important sales market in fertilizer industry; Asian fertilizer market plays an important role in the global market development, and also is an important region affecting global fertilizer prices and industrial development; especially in China, under the context of the bumper harvests of food production for 11 consecutive years, fertilizer contributes for more than 40% of China's grain output. In the future, China will continue to rely on fertilizer for stable and increased food production to ensure national food security.

In his speech, Yang Jianping highlights the international business segments and the latest developments of Sino-agri Group. Sino-agri Group, as the largest domestic fertilizer import and export trader with 60 years of operating history, has established stable and cooperative relations with the world's major producers and traders over the years in fertilizer foreign business. Under current situation of low growth, low inflation and low demand of the world economy, while making positive contributions to China's agricultural development including fertilizer trade, Sino-agri Group positively faces the new situation of agricultural development and the new trend of fertilizer trade; and focuses on accelerating the development of e-commerce, promoting cooperative economic development by forming Community of interests with farmers and promoting foreign trade cooperation and the international business development. As an All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives class enterprise, Sino-agri Group will continue to inherit the "diverse" and "cooperative" core philosophy, and look forward to creating a new pattern of diverse cooperation in international fertilizer trade with partners in various forms.

During the meeting, Yang Jianping met business representatives of Fertilizer Association of India, Uralkali, Belaruskali, Israel potash, Transammonia and other internationally renowned companies and associations. Yang Jianping introduced the current situations related to China fertilizer export trade; had a thorough discussion with business representatives on the conditions of Indian fertilizer market with wide concern, the global potash industry development trends and other global fertilizer market conditions; and achieved some consensus, laying foundation for further in-depth cooperation.

FMB (Fertilizer Market Business Group, UK.) is the major provider of global fertilizer industry and fertilizer market intelligence. FMB Asian Fertilizer Conference is held annually, and 12 sessions have been held so far. Each year, FMB Asian Fertilizer Conference will gather important players in the domestic and international fertilizer market.

Release date:Tuesday April 21 2015
Author:Corporate Development Department
Source:Sino-agri Holding Company Limited
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