Vast Majority of Employees of Sino-agri Group Enthusiastically Raise Donations for Comrade Chen Feng

Health and happiness is everyone's dream. When we sing with friends and burst into laughter; when we enjoy our time and reunite with family; when we work hard and imagine life ideal; do you know that, there is someone on our side now suffering from the pain of torture and having unremitting struggle with fate with a strong strength? This someone is Comrade Chen Feng.

Comrade Chen Feng currently serves as Deputy General Manager of CAIH. On February 12 this year, during his speech in Sino-Agri BOYO Annual Work Conference in Gaocheng Hebei, Comrade Chen Feng had a large area of sudden cerebral hemorrhage, got out of danger after emergency rescue, but lost consciousnessin the right side of the body and language skills, can not take care of himself, and currently undergoes rehabilitation in Beijing Bo’ai Hospital. Currently accumulated medical expenses outside Medicare reach 300 thousand yuan, and he still needs long-term rehabilitation in the future. Although the company has done its best to provide financial assistance and policy support, the high costs of rehabilitation bring tremendous economic pressure to this ordinary family.

As the saying goes: “a party in trouble, help comes from all quarters". On March 31, Sino-agri Group labor union issued an initiative to all Sino-agri-ers to actively carry forward the humanitarian spirit to raise donations for Comrade Chen Feng. In just one week, led by group leaders, the majority of employees take positive actions; and thousands of employees in the Group headquarters, Sino-agri Holding, SAL Biosciences, Sino-agri General Chemical, Sino-agri Agricultural Machinery Holding, Sino-agri seed business, Sino-agri mineral, Sino-agri Huafeng as well as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Wu Jing and other companies outside Beijing contributed a total donation of 170,640 yuan, with dedication of love for Comrade Chen Feng.

Hopefully, the love of Sino-agri-ers can give him strength and warmth, also financial help and spiritual support to his family, helping them overcome difficult times in life!

Release date:Thursday April 23 2015
Author: labor union
Responsible editor:wangqiong
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