Mr. Luo Lin Investigates in Weifang Sino-agri
    Accompanied by Mr. Yang Jianping,

Accompanied by Yang Jianping(first to the left), Luo Lin(second to the right) is investigating in Weifang Sino-agri

On Oct. 14, Luo Lin, member of party leadership group and deputy director of the council of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing of Cooperatives(hereinafter referred to as ACFSMC) made an investigation in Weifang Sino-agri United Chemical Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Weifang Sino-agri).Leaders accompanied him are as follows: Yang Jianping, chairman of the board and secretary of the party committee of China National Agricultural Means of Production Group Corporation(hereinafter referred to as the “Sino-agri Group) and leaders from Shandong Supply and Marketing Cooperative, Weifang Municipal People’s Government and Weifang Supply and Marketing Cooperative.


Mr. Luo made field checks on the company’s newly installed equipment as well as relevant supporting storage and environmental protection devices. He heard the introduction about the company by Xu Hui, general manager of Shandong Sino-Agri United Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Shandong Sino-agri” ). His introduction covers the production of pesticide intermediate, corporate management, safety production and environmental protection, construction of new programs and strategy on future development planning.


After the investigation and hearing the report, he highly praised Shandong Sino-agri for its achievements made in the recent past years. Furthermore, he fully recognized the company’s work concerning production, R&D, program construction, talent cultivation and management innovation. He pointed out that the newly launched programs of the company should be put into production on the premise of safety production and the company should make full play of these programs as soon as possible. Based on present resources advantage, it should introduce supporting downstream programs so that it could expand its industrial chain and promote industrial cluster and development. He also said that pesticide production was an important part of Sino-agri Group. He hoped that based on the strong resources advantage of the Group, Shandong Sino-agri could greatly develop environmental friendly pesticide through scientific innovation so as to make contributions to solving China’s “three rural issues”.


The following leaders also took part in this investigation: Yang Bin, vice-president of Sino-agri Group and chairman of the board of Shandong Sino-agri, Li Ning, deputy general manager of Shandong Sino-agri, and Zhao Baoxiu, executive director of Weifang Sino-agri.

Release date:Monday October 20 2014
Source:Weifang Sino-agri
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