Mr. Yang Jianping Investigates Tai’an Branch of Shandong Sino-agri

With his party, Yang Jianping, chairman of the board and secretary of the party committee of China National Agricultural Means of Production Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Sino-agri Group) made an investigation in Tai’an Branch of Shandong Sino-agri on the morning of Oct. 16. Leaders as follows accompanied him during the investigation: Yang Bin, vice-president of Sino-agri Group and chairman of the board of Shandong Sino-agri, Xu Hui, general manager of Shandong Sino-agri, and general manager of Tai’an Branch of Shandong Sino-agri. Besides, Li Ning, deputy general manager of Shandong Sino-agri, made explanations throughout the investigation.


During the investigation, Mr. Yang and his party investigated the new factory district of the company under construction including production line of agent preparation, central control building, administration building, dormitory building, and landscape lake. After careful inquiry of the parameters and operation engineering of relevant equipment, safety and environmental protection, corporate management and employee’s welfare, he highly evaluated the living conditions of the newly built dormitory buildings and the overall environment of the new factory district. In addition, Mr. Yang and his party checked production district of the factory and phase 3 of the environmental program.


After field investigation and hearing the report, he fully recognized the operation and construction of the company. Meanwhile he stressed that high attention should be paid to project construction. He said, “With the increase of programs and expansion of the scale, the company should improve its management level, maintain its achievements of operation and construction, and try its best to be innovative and excellent so that it could become a leading enterprise.”

Xu Hui(first to the right) is introducing the operation of production line to Yang Jianping(middle)

Li Ning(fourth to the right) is introducing process control procedure to Yang Jianping

Yang Jianping and his party is taking a photo with relevant duty persons of Shandong Sino-agri

Release date:Monday October 20 2014
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