Sino-Agri Group Holds Work Meeting of 2014 H1

On July 22-23, 2014, Sino-Agri Group held the work meeting of the first half of year 2014 in Beijing. At the meeting, the participants summarized the work achievements of the first half of 2014, analyzed the current operation situation, and then on such basis, planned and arranged the key work of the second half of 2014. The members of the leadership group of the Group, along with persons in charge of all departments and holding enterprises directly subordinate to the Group attended the meeting, which was presided over by Li Xianbin, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee.

Photo for Yang Jianping, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Sino-Agri Group, who delivered his summary speech at the meeting


According to the meeting arrangement, all departments and holding enterprises directly subordinate to the Group reported particularly the accomplishment of the work of the first half of 2014, analyzed the current market situation, deeply probed into the problems existing in work and the corresponding solutions, and also brought forward the specific measures and suggestions for the accomplishment of the full-year targets and tasks. Pu Ying, assistant to president and CFO of the Group, gave a financial analysis report, fully analyzed the current financial situation and the accomplishment of the economic index of each business segment of the Group, and put forward specific requirements on the financial work of the second half year. President Wang Quan, on behalf of the Group, delivered the half-year work report, detailedly introduced the overall operation in the first half year, analyzed the changes of the current market as well as the risks and opportunities faced by the Group, clearly put forward the train of thought of seizing opportunities, innovating, reforming and speeding up transformation; he also required that every enterprise should increase profitability, and reinforce and promote the leading position in the industry by centering on the benefits, .

After listening to the reports, Yang Jianping, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Sino-Agri Group delivered a summary speech. First, on behalf of the leadership group of the Group, Mr. Yang affirmed the work achievement in the first half year and showed his sincere acknowledgement to all the staff.

Yang Jianping pointed out that, in respect of the complex economic situation, firstly, the Group should clearly know itself and focus on its direction. It should fully know the deep changes of the current domestic and international macro-economic situation, practically reinforce situation analysis, research and discretion. Secondly, the Group should make full use of the advantageous opportunity that the State is greatly pushing forward the reform of supply and marketing cooperative and have a new positioning and understanding to its own competitiveness. Moreover, the Group should carefully research and refer to the development experience of the domestic and foreign excellent enterprises, find out the gap from them, set the industry benchmark and fix its own specific targets.

With regard to the future operation and development of the Group, Yang Jianping pointed out that, the Group should insist on the general guideline of making progress while maintaining stability and the guiding ideology of innovation and change. The Group should reinforce top layer design on the strategic level, speed up transformation and push forward the industrialization layout. In addition, the Group should pay much attention to project investment and new business development, seek for new business model, new starting point and new growth point, and actively adjust business structure in business model innovation.

Yang Jianping required that, in the process of seeking for innovation and change, the Group should be pragmatic, synergetic development and dedicated to being strong. It should remember well the property of the industry, deeply understand the change and demand of “Farmers, Rural Areas, Agriculture”, take serving “Farmers, Rural Areas, Agriculture” as central ultimate goal and starting point, provide products, services and solutions, construct grass roots marketing network and service network. The Group should be the comprehensive service provider and integrated service provider for agricultural production, should carefully research and bravely explore the effect of integrating the resources of all business segments and make full use of its collaborative advantage. Furthermore, the Group should promote business development quality and its management level; it not only needs to be a big but also a strong and have a long vision.

In addition, Yang Jianping required all the staff of Sino-Agri Group should have the ambition of being a large enterprise and the modesty of a small enterprise. It should be ambitious, have an overall plan, and also should have the sense of crisis, rapid market response and continuous study capability of small enterprises.

Finally, Yang Jianping emphasized that, the management was the backbone force for the development of the Group. In the future, the Group should lead all the staff to reform and innovate, and should adhere to the spirit and belief of being accountable, proper doing things and getting success. He hoped that this meeting could be the starting point and beginning of the Group to innovate, change and go forward. He also wished all to keep exploring in practice, keep studying in exploration, keep advancing in study and make more contribution to the development of the Group.


Release date:Thursday July 24 2014
Author:Zou Chunzhan
Source:Sino-Agri Group
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