Chairman Yang Jianping Delivers a Speech at the Staff Meeting

 Chairman Yang Jianping Delivers a Speech at the Staff Meeting
(by Yang Jianping)


First of all, I’d like to thank the party leading group of the ACFSMC for their trust to nominate me as chairman of Sino-Agri Group, a hard-won post will provide me an impressive life experience full of challenges.


Secondly, I’m willing to express my gratitude to Li Chunsheng as the Deputy Director Party Leadership Group of ACFSMC, Gu Guoxin as Deputy Director of Council of ACFSMC and Xiao Zhongkai as Deputy Director of Council of ACFSMC for their encouragement and guidance, making me have every confidence to do a good job. Also, I thank you for warm applauses which make me feel the power of reliance and anticipation. And I feel much at home and so warm.


We have witnessed a series of difficulties at present, including a weak recovery of the global economy, a slowdown in growth of Chinese economy, and ensuing transition and transformation in the industry of agricultural means of production. For Sino-Agri Group, we are confronting with new challenges. But as far as I know, Sino-Agri Group has a glorious historical tradition and excellent management team, with its staff equipped with entrepreneurship and spirit of utter devotion. In addition, under the strong leadership of previous helmsmen represented by Director Gu and Director Xiao, the group has laid solid foundation and created a positive growth momentum. I believe that Sino-Agri Group will sure take root in the fertile ground of serving for the farmers as it always does with the party leading group and Council of ACFSMC as its leadership and China CO-OP Group as its guider to brave the winds and rains in the market for steady growth.


In western countries, when the president takes an oath, he or she would put his or her hand on the bible. When it comes to me, I think I should put my hand on the heart of staff to feel what they feel, and that I should put my hand on the pulse of the market to experience the rates. From now on, I’m one member of the Sino-Agri Group. We will rise or fall as one union. And I will spare no efforts to work with you for a smooth and healthy growth of the group! We will try our best to live up to expectations from the leaders ACFSMC and China CO-OP Group.


From my own working experiences, I conclude the following management mottos in three sentences:


1. All should follow the rules;


2. Looking for a result in everything;


3. Efficiency should be placed first everywhere;


Hereon, I’d like to share these three sentences with you and supervision is welcomed.


Thank You!

Photo for Chairman Yang Jianping, who is delivering a speech.


Release date:Tuesday May 27 2014
Author:Yang Jianping
Source:Sino-Agri Group
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