Sino-Agri Group Holds “2014 Goal Responsibility” Signing Ceremony

In the morning of May 23, Sino-Agri Group held “2014 Goal Responsibility” signing ceremony at Beijing Global Wealth Center.


Yang Jianping, chairman of Sino-Agri Group, underscored that the signing ceremony witnessed a landmark for commitment, and that all subsidiary companies should perform their own respective duties while cooperating with each other, adding that the leadership group of the group and all leading members of holding companies and companies directly subordinate to the group should brave all challenges and seek for stable growth with uplifting spirits to guarantee the successful completion of targets set in the “Goal Responsibility” .


At the meeting, Wang Quan, president of the group, signed Operation Goal Responsibility in 2014 on behalf of the group with the heads in charge of all subsidiary companies respectively, making a brief analysis on the status quo of the group’s five major business segments and highlighting their work focuses separately. Pu Ying, assistant to president and chief financial officer, explained the planning principle of “Goal Responsibility” and read off the business indicators of subsidiary companies.


The whole members of leading group of Sino-Agri Group, along with persons in charge of holding enterprises and those directly subordinate to the group attended the meeting.

The photo for Yang Jianping, chairman of Sino-Agri Group, delivered a speech.

Photo for signing ceremony site

Release date:Friday May 23 2014
Source:Sino-Agri Group
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