Leading Figures with Sino-agri Convened Together to Report on Their Works in 2012

In the morning of January 28, according to the requirements of the fourth document [2013], i.e. the Circular on Comprehensively Evaluating the Work of the Leadership Team and its members with the Enterprises Funded by China CO-OP Group in 2012 issued by the Human Resource Department under China CO-OP Group, Sino-agri Group convened a conference for its leadership teams to report on their work in 2012. Xing Hongwei, Manager of the Human Resource Department of China CO-OP Group, and Xiao Zhongkai, Party Secretary and Chairman of Sino-agri Group attended the conference which was hosted by Li Xianbin, Deputy Party Secretary of the group company. Besides, the participants also included all the employees working in the headquarters of the group company, managers at the middle level and above of Sino-agri Holding, and members of the leadership teams of Sino-Agri Leading Biosciences, Sino-agri General, Zhongnong Huafeng, Sino-agri Mineral Resources, Agricultural Machinery Holding, and Sino-agri Seed Industry Holding.


According to the meeting arrangement, Wang Quan, President of the group company, represents the leadership team to report the work. Subsequently, leaders of the group company will respectively report on what they have done in study, work and honesty and self-discipline in the past year, including Wang Quan, Li Xianbin, Luo Deqiang, Yang Bin, Liu Yao, Wang Chunlin, Zhang Xuhong, Zhu Lian and Qu Daowei.
At the meeting, based on the unified requirements of the examination team of China CO-OP Group, the participants made democratic assessment of the leadership teams and its


members under Sino-agri in terms of political direction, management level, scientific decision-making, and anti-corruption.

A shot of the meeting

A shot of the meeting

Release date:Tuesday January 29 2013
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