Sino-agri Group President Wang Quan Meets With Jingjiang Mayor

On July 31, Zhao Ye, the Mayor of Jingjiang, Jiangsu Province and his delegation visited Sino-agri Group, and Wang Quan, the President of Sino-agri Group met with the guests. President Wang firstly on behalf of Sino-agri Group welcomed Zhao Ye and his delegation to Beijing for exchange, and conveyed the regards of Xiao Zhongkai, the Chairman and Secretary of Party Committee to Mayor Zhao. Both parties exchanged opinions and reached consensus on enhancing the cooperation of projects such as Jingjiang Port of Sino-agri Group and other problems concerned under pleasant and friendly atmosphere.


Wang said that in recent years, the agriculture and rural areas in China are under large reform, and the overall situations of agricultural materials industry are changed historically. The practice proved that it is a correct development way for agricultural material enterprises to possess their own logistic system. Constructing its own wharf along Yangtze River of Sino-agri Group has great strategic significance. In future, Sino-agri Group will continue to strengthen the construction of logistic system, ceaselessly explore, innovate, work practically, truly consolidate and deepen the economic cooperation between Sino-agri Group and Jingjiang Government with the Jingjiang Port Project of Sino-agri Group as the turning point, and jointly contribute to “Servicing Agriculture, Countryside and Farmers”.


Zhao said that the cooperation between Jingjiang Government and Sino-agri Group has achieved preliminary results, and the Jingjiang Port Project of Sino-agri Group has broad development prospect. Jingjiang Government highly emphasizes on the relationship with Sino-agri Group, and is willing to strengthen all-round cooperation, and drive further the development of manufacturing and processing industry by logistics projects along Yangtze River with the leading effect of Sino-agri Group, the leading enterprise in agricultural material industry. Jingjiang Government will spare no efforts to offer policy support, and ceaselessly add new power to the development of relationship between both parties.


Both parties exchanged opinions on investment orientation, structure and time sequence of Jingjiang Port Project of Sino-agri Group, and reached consensus on future customs free trade supervision zone application of projects, and logistics development of commodities beside agricultural materials.


Relevant leaders including You Hong, the Jingjiang Municipal Standing Committee and Party Work Secretary of Development Zone visited accompanying with Zhao Ye.


Zhang Xuhong, the Vice President, Lin Yi, the General Manager in Strategic Investment Department, and Kang He, the Manager in Assets Supervision Department of Sino-agri Group attended the meeting.

Sino-agri Group President Wang Quan talked cordially with Jingjiang Mayor Zhao Ye

Release date:Wednesday August 01 2012
Author:Kang He
Source:Sino-agri Group
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