Sino-agri Group Held 2012 First Half Year Working Meeting

On July 10, the 2012 First Half Year Working Meeting of Sino-agri Group was held in Global Finance Information Center. In the meeting, it carefully concluded the work of Group in first half year of 2012, analyzed economic situation and market trend facing currently, and arranged the work in the second half year. Zhongkai Xiao, Quan Wang, Xianbin Li, Deqiang Luo, Bin Yang, Yao Liu, Chunlin Wang, Xuhong Zhang and Lian Zhu who are the members of leadership in Sino-agri Group attended the meeting. The middle level above leaders, directly run and holding companies principals as well as relevant financial department principal and parts of staff representatives of Group Company and Sino-agri Holding Company Limited in total over 200 people participated in the meeting. The meeting is hosted by Xianbin Li, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee in Sino-agri Group.


President Quan Wang of Sino-agri Group was entrusted by Zhongkai Xiao, the Group Chairman and Party Committee Secretary to give the 2012 First Half Year Working Report on behalf of Sino-agri Group. He appointed that in 2012 the international economic situation is more severe, unstable and uncertain, while in China the economic downward pressure increases ceaselessly, various potential risks add, and major factor price keeps high, which leads to unsatisfactory agricultural materials market. However, the Group Company positively responds to it, controls market risks, steadily explores business, transfers from product management to capital and assets management, and develops five businesses of fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural film, agricultural machinery and seeds jointly and simultaneously. The overall strength of social image of enterprise is improved further.


According to meeting arrangement, Deqiang Luo, the General Manager of Sino-agri Holding Company Limited reported on international and domestic market situation analysis. Ying Pu, the Group President Assistant and Chief Financial Officer analyzed and concluded the financial and capital situations of company in the first half year of 2012. Twelve directly run and holding companies including Sino-agri Holding and Sino-agri Leading which are subordinated to Sino-agri Group respectively reported on working performance in first half year and working thought in second half year of 2012.


Subsequently, Zhongkai Xiao gave a keynote speech. He gave credit for good performance achieved by Sino-agri Group through hard work in the first half year of 2012. Xiao proposed three requirements to all levels managers of Group for the work in the second half year: the first is to base on current situation, overcome all difficulties, handle well the relation between immediate interests and long-term interests and guarantee to complete work task of second half year and work objective of the whole year; the second is to promote integration within Group, and it hopes all leaders in subordinate companies implement the thought of integration in Group, discuss carefully, fully coordinate and finish integration within the Group Company; the third is to serve as leaders of study type, reinforce the learning on philosophy, strategy, management, market, human resource and marketing to broaden the horizon and fully improve comprehensive quality.


At last, Xianbin Li summarized the meeting. He said that this working meeting is of rich contents and effectiveness, and achieves satisfactory successes. He required the attended managers to convey the meeting spirit to every staff as soon as possible, clarify the target, unify the thoughts, strive to success, innovate and make arduous efforts for the completion of all working objectives in 2012.


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Release date:Wednesday July 11 2012
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