Chairman of Sino-Agri Group Xiao Zhongkai Attends Symposium on Transformation and Development of Supply & Marketing Cooperatives-owned Commercial Enterprises

On April 21, China CO-OP GROUP held symposium on transformation and development of supply & marketing cooperatives-owned commercial enterprises in Guobin Hotel of Pengxin Garden, Nantong city, Jiangsu province. General manager and deputy secretary of China CO-OP GROUP Hou Shunli presided over the symposium. Operation members of China CO-OP GROUP, persons chiefly in charge from investing enterprises of China CO-OP GROUP and those from some top 100 enterprises in 2010 of national supply and marketing cooperative system.


Chairman and party committee secretary of Sino-Agri Group Xiao Zhongkai attended the symposium and made speech on “adjusting structure, promoting transformation and seeking development”.


Xiao Zhongkai pointed out that “adjusting structure and promoting transformation” was the motive power of enterprise development and the ever-lasting theme of sustainable enterprise development. An enterprise could realize sustainable development only when it adapted to environmental change and transformed in time; otherwise, it would be eliminated by the market at last. Of course, enterprise transformation was no guarantee of success; if an enterprise couldn’t master the industry nature and had no systematic ability support, it might pay a heavy price to transform. So, an enterprise should also deeply investigate whether it was capable of resources obtaining and management.


At the symposium, Xiao Zhongkai introduced the practice and experience of Sino-Agri Group in transformation and development. 1) To access the situation and practically master the new circumstance of development; 2) To build network in rural areas and insist on moving close to and serving peasants to realize “enterprises to extend to terminal”; 3) To intensify resource integration at higher level, lay out at key links and high ends of industry chain and strengthen resource control ability; 4) To change thinking and reasonably arrange balanced development of new business sector and promotion of professional ability; 5) To innovate system and comprehensively implement talent strategy to produce new development success.


In this period, Xiao Zhongkai inspected work in Shanghai Branch; after listening to the working report of Shanghai Branch, Xiao Zhongkai expressed full certainty about its performance in the past year, and hoped that Shanghai Branch would better serve peasants, change thought, innovate system and strengthen management to realize comprehensive promotion of strength, benefit and quality.

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Release date:Monday April 23 2012
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