Subsidiary of Sinoagri Holding Company Limited, Wuzhou Shidefu Successfully Holds Site Observation Meeting of Fertilization Effect of Blue Ocean Classic Fertilizer
On June 7, subsidiary of Sino-agri Holding Company Limited, Yantai Wuzhou Shidefu Fertilizer Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Wuzhou Shidefu”) successfully held site observation meeting of “Wuzhoufeng” blue ocean classic fertilizer in Weifang, Shandong. Over 400 dealers of agricultural means of production and peasants from Qingzhou, Zouping,Jinan, Laizhou, Laiyang, Qingdao and Anqiu of Shandong province attended the meeting.
This meeting included experimental field observation and discussion.
During the observation, in the wheat experimental field in Tangwu village, Changle county of Weifang, representatives present together witnessed the outstanding fertilization effect of “Wuzhoufeng” blue ocean classic fertilizer. Compared with common fertilizer, the wheat plants with blue ocean classic fertilizer were stout, grew well with big and even spike, full particles; representatives were quite surprised.
During the discussion, general manager of Wuzhou Shidefu, Wang Xuejiang said that Wuzhou Shidefu had established steady and long-term strategic cooperative relationship with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; based on the common efforts, “Wuzhoufeng” blue ocean classic fertilizer was developed. He hoped that the dealers could combine the local soil and planting structure, coordinate with experts, guide peasants to scientifically fertilize, provide good agrichemical service and make “Wuzhoufeng” blue ocean classic fertilizer better serve peasants. Wang Xuejiang also said that to better provide high-quality products for national peasants, Wuzhou Shidefu had built branches in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Wuyi of Hebei and Heze of Shandong, etc in succession; in the future, Wuzhou Shidefu would build branches in of China's Three Northeastern Provinces, Jiaodong Peninsular and middle and west Shandong, etc. to try to serve peasants with high-quality service and perfect service network in broader areas.
After the meeting, dealers and peasants present at the meeting all thought that this observation meeting showed the advantages of “Wuzhoufeng” blue ocean classic fertilizer and they had witnessed the outstanding fertilization effect of the fertilizer which was quite reliable. In addition, Wang Xuejiang’s speech inspired people and gave them confidence to sell and use “Wuzhoufeng” blue ocean classic fertilizer; this observation meeting was a great success.

Release date:Monday June 18 2012
Author:Enterprise Development Department
Source:Sino-agri Holding Company Limited
Responsible editor:WangQiong
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