Fertilizer Business
Sino-agri Group, as the largest circulating and distributing enterprise of fertilizers as well as the largest importer and exporter of fertilizers, produces and sells various nitrogenous fertilizers, potash fertilizers, phosphatic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, organic fertilizers and new-type fertilizers. Owing to the engagement in the fertilizer busine…more
Pesticide Business
Pesticide business is an important business sector of Sino-agri Group, and Sino-agri Leading Biosciences Co.,Ltd. is the main body for the development of the pesticide business. The business takes pesticide trade and service as the main part and drives the trade, service and production of domestic and foreign products by technical service. The major product …more
Agricultural Film and Industrial Chemicals
Sino-agri Group’s business in agricultural films and plastic raw materials is one of the traders with the largest scale of operation in North China, the sales area distributes in North China, East China, South China and the northeast, and the annual scale of operation exceeds 100,000 tons. After more than 10 years of effort in the market, the business …more
Agricultural Machinery & Implement Business
The Agricultural Machinery & Implement department of China National Agricultural Means Of Production Group Corporation (hereafter referred to as “Sino-Agri Group” for short) founded in April 2009 tries to widen the approaches of Sino-agri Group for the three rural service, better play the role of Sino-agri Group in servicing agriculture as th…more
Development Overview of Seed Business
As the emerging business of Sino-agri Group, seed business is the organic extension of current company businesses and one important business to develop during the “Twelfth Five-Year" period. Based on existing seed distribution business, Sino-agri Group will integrate internal and external resources and rapidly build brand-new and “breeding, …more
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